Innovative Building Aspects

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Valley County is a prime location to utilize geothermal heating and cooling systems. These systems are safe, offer lower operating costs than traditional HVAC systems, have a longer life cycle and come with great benefits like bonus hot water, and quite operation. Geothermal heating also has huge benefits to the environment. When compared to traditional heating systems, a standard geothermal system produces approximately one less pound of carbon dioxide for every hour of use. Over twenty years, that would be the equivalent of converting 58,000 cars to zero emissions vehicles.

Geothermal is also eligible for tax savings. A 30% tax credit in the United States has been reinstated for 2018 for ENERGY STAR qualified geothermal heat pumps. The 30% credit applies to geothermal equipment placed in service through 2019. Tax credits will still be available at a reduced rate until 2022.

To learn more about this type of heating system, we recommend visiting the Geo Comfort website.

Vantage Luxury Lighting

Jug Mountain Builders uses Vantage for luxury lighting. For over 35 years now, Vantage has been one of the leaders in luxury control systems. Their automated lighting controls offer homeowners the capability to personalize their environment to match their unique needs, styles, and wants. Vantage uses the latest technology and controls. They've become the premier automated lighting solution for homes which is one reason we use them in the homes we build.

Vantage is designed to seamlessly combine both aesthetics and technology, their systems deliver seamless control over the luxury spaces in your home. Vantage can easily be integrated into new construction or even retrofitted for already existing homes or spaces. They offer design flexibility, unmatched control, and quality aesthetics. It's safe to assume they've become the premier automated lighting solution for luxury lighting control. We know you'll be pleased, we know we are.

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C4 Home Automation


Jug Mountain Builders uses Control 4 (C4) for its home automation, which powers your home by a system controller,  this is essentially the brain of your home. The Control 4 interface has a nice handheld remote, a wall keypad, or even a touch screen. This allows you to conveniently connect to your wired and wireless devices. C4 allows you to adjust the thermostat, start and play music throughout your house, and you can even close the shades or your garage door. You can easily perform many of these actions all at the same time if you’d like. From a full smart lighting line to audio equipment, thermostats, cameras, speakers, and more, C4 has developed some amazing products that are sure to enhance your security, comfort, convenience, and entertainment right in the comfort of your own home.

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Building a new home is an expensive investment. Additionally, building in snow country creates many potential problems for homes that are unable to perform in an extreme climate. High energy bills, ice dams, moisture damage, mold, and comfort issues can create a major headache for any homeowner. EnergySeal makes sure your new home is durable, comfortable, efficient, and virtually worry free.

EnergySeal’s seamless insulation systems are spray applied and complimented with extensive air sealing. The ‘cellular’ structure of our spray applied systems help to stop air movement and thermal degrading convective loops from penetrating the cavity. EnergySeal’s seamless system R-values are largely unaffected by extreme climate conditions or wind pressure.

For more information, please visit the EnergySeal website.

Laminated Lumber and TStud Framing

When building with traditional materials there can be a lot of inconsistencies in the wood utilized for framing, which results in unnecessary cost and time burdens. To mitigate this, Jug Mountain Builders utilizes superior engineered wood materials like laminated strand lumber (LSL), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and Tstuds.

LSL is manufactured from flaked wood strands, LVL boards are engineered by adhering multiple pieces of thin lumber together, and Tstuds are lumber pieces combined by dowels with insulation between. 

The straightness of these engineered lumber pieces reduces time spent looking for wood that meets standards, and the benefits of building a truly straight framed house trickle down into other build areas such as plumbing, tiling, and cabinetry.

Tstuds have the added benefit of significantly improving your home’s energy efficiency. The insulation in the boards provides a barrier between the external and internal environment.  In locales with severe winter weather such as McCall, the use of these superior materials can have a profound effect on your custom home’s energy consumption, utility and repair costs, and general comfort.

Exceptional homes are built using exceptional materials. At Jug Mountain Builders we combine superior craftsmanship, dedication to excellence, and premium materials to build custom homes that are simply unparalleled.